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Hi There ,

My name is Jared Aarons and I own a company that recently moved into a new building. The time that goes in to the planning of a new space is pretty frustrating and so this time round I decided to let the experts handle this. And so I began my market research. Pretty quickly I realized that there are loads of companies out there that were not that efficient in getting back to me until I came across a pretty awesome company called Swivel and Tilt , which at the time had just established itself as a market leader in the industry and so I thought I would get a pretty good deal not to mention the almost immediate response.

Now I’ve been purchasing products my entire life and always get attracted to really helpful people and this time in particular. I was assisted by Dean Kleynhans , who I later found out actually owned the company with his Dad and a family friend. I knew immediately that this family owned business was going to get my business. The friendly advice and yrs of experience that I was fortunate enough to receive from the team was incredible. From that moment onwards I left everything up to the Swivel and Tilt team and focused on my business which to be honest with you had been slightly neglected due to me having to sort out all the office furniture and all the rest that goes with moving. So when Dean said “Jared please just relax now and let us do what we do “ I was extatic and I have been nothing but extatic since day one of my dealings with Swivel and Tilt.

Subsequently I’ve done my research and learned in fact that Dean’s Dad Eugene was a Director of a massive stationary company in south Africa for over 20 yrs, and he left to start this amazing company , so moving forward I know that il be receiving the best advice , a personalized and one on one service which is pretty much through a fair amount of research pretty much non existant unfortunately in the furniture game today.

Honestly I can go on all day here , but make sure that when you decide to change your office environment , do yourself a favour and give the Swivel and Tilt team a call and if you would like to contact me please feel free to do so at your leisure. Unfortunately I do not answer telephone calls after 5 that I do not know.


Yours Sincerely ,

Jared Aarons

082 566 4462


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